Monday, May 14, 2012

28 in retrospect...

The last month has been filled with more ups and downs than I care to recall, but seeing as yesterday was my 29th birthday, I though it only fitting to write a post that reflects on what I have learned.. if anything... and the people who have had a profound effect on my life over the last year. I know that each relationship, good or bad,  has changed me in some way.  I want to say a little something to a few people in particular, and hopefully they will understand how much they mean to me. :)

To my family...

Christopher and Kisa, you two are the lights in my life. I am so proud of the people you have become and I am so honored to be your older sister. Over the past few months, our relationships have grown stronger in ways I never knew possible. Thank you so much for always staying true to yourselves and teaching me what it takes to be a stronger person. I look up to both of you. 

Shawna, you are the best older sister ever. Thank you for always being there for me to talk to and hoping me work through my problems. Even when things did not go my way, you were there to give me good advice, and ultimately put a smile on my face in my darkest times. Thanks for being my lady hero.

To the rest of my family, this year has been one of mending broken relationships and I am so happy that we are all finally on the path to healing. A few of you have taken some major steps to improve the quality in your lives and I am inspired to continue to do the same. I can't wait until we are together again so we can celebrate. Love you all. 

To my friends...

Karina, where do I begin? I knew from day one that you were someone special. You are the type of friend that a person compares all other friends to. How ever did I get so lucky to have you in my life? Being able to spend so much time with you recently has truly been the best gift I could ask for. Thanks for making my birthday so special. 

Terry, I am constantly surprised by your loyalty. Just when I think that I have not made any true friends here in New York, you show up and change everything. No matter what I'm doing, you have always supported me 100%. I have no idea how you do it, but you always show up. Thank you for that. 

Jon, you and I know more than anyone what it means to have a roller coaster relationship. Yet... no matter what, I know that you are always going to be in my life. I owe you so much. You picked me up when I was broken and showed me what it meant to have true swagger. I accredit my slightly thicker skin to you. If you were not in my life, I would have never made it this long. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love feels like. 

To my relationships lost...

It really saddens me to have a section like this in my blog. But If I've learned anything over the last year, it's that you win some and you lose some. Everyone has heard the saying, that if you can count your true friends on one hand, then you are lucky. My birthday wish this year is for my luck to go up. I miss my friends, but loosing them has really made me cherish the ones I have. And maybe, someday soon, these broken relationships can be repaired. 

OK.... enough downer talk. I know it might be hard to grasp based on the above text, but I'm actually in very good spirits and very excited for what this next year has in store. At 29 years of age, a great turning point is ahead of me. And I, for once feel that I am on the right track to great happiness, love, and success. I've already had so many samples and I'm ready to place my order. 

This year is going to be about making those necessary tweaks to insure that my transition into the the next decade comes with great ease. I am thrilled to be performing again, and deep down feel that I have achieved some great childhood dream of moving to New York and becoming a star. I'm not quite there yet, but I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to truly believe that my dream is a possibility. 

Over the next year, I plan to continue to seek internal satisfaction, and to do my best to keep you updated on my journey. I've come a long way and I know I still have so far to go. But I can honestly say, when I stop and take a really good look at my life, that I am blessed. Thank you to everyone who has helped to get me here, no matter what the status of our relationship. I love you, and I always will.  


Just a few pictures from my birthday celebration...

Starting the night off right...
Pizza and Lombardi's

First Burlesque show of the night
SharkBite SideShow @ R.Bar

Quickly followed by first drink of the night
Blue Moon :)

Drink # 2
Some speciality Coney Island Brew. 
Pretty yummy :)

Drink #3 A show of Jameson
Accompanied my the host of the night,
Coney Island's own... Adam "The first real man"

At the 2nd show of the night...
That's Incredible Burlesque @
Bowery Poetry Club

Drink #4 & #5... Not sure which is which. 
The lovely PBR and whisky shot combo.
Reminds me of a tale, long long ago, in the small
town of Williamsburg... 

Drink #6 with some crazy black guy.
Just kidding... thats my buddy. :)
Another PBR and Whisky shot combo... shared :)

Happy drunk girl and her bestie getting ready to call it a night
Hi Karina. (She is awesome. See paragraph above) <3

And this final pic was taken on the actually day of my 29th b-day.
The best birthday party a girl could ever ask for. Hanging out,
eating pizza, drinking wine (Yes its the cheap stuff and we drank it all),
watching A Goofy Movie, and surrounded by love. Winning!