Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thank you 2013...

I have to admit that I am a little sad to see 2013 go. I always knew that if the world didn't end, then this was going to be MY year. I saw this because I was born on Friday the 13th, so the number always held a very special meaning for me. And since I also turned 30, those 2 factors alone allowed me to anticipate 2013 since as far back as I can remember. Actually, I remember exactly how old I was when I started to look forward to this year. I was 23. 

OK… Since beginning my burlesque career, I have celebrated 2 New Years! Last year I wrote a note and dedicated it to all of the producers who took a chance on an unknown newbie performer. It felt really satisfying to go thru the year of bookings to see exactly how many people played a role in getting me here today. It's really important to me that I continue this little tradition and take a moment to give thanks to my 2013 producers:

Neil O' Fortune (Bedlam Burlesque)
Dave Menace (Brick City) NJ
Mark Bokvist/Camille Atkinson (Juke Joint Revue)
Doc Wasabassco/Nasty Canasta (Wasabassco)
Bastard-Kieth/Rosebud (Sophisticates)
Dre Campbell/ Francesca Hoffman (Saturn Returns)
Broadway Brassy (Temple of Virgins/Mo Betta)
Bonnie Dunn (Le Scandal)
Rat Mon Dieu/Gothic Hangman (Dark Carnival Burlesque)
Bevin Branlandingham (Rebel Cupcake)
Calamity Chang (Nurse Bettie)
Essence Revealed/ Sweet Lorraine (Shades of Burlesque)
Lolita Von Cake (The Bakery)
Madame Corsetiere (PA BQ Fest/ Boolesque Fest) P.A.
Fem Appeal (Kitty Nights)
Ellen Stagg (Asbury Park gigs) NJ
Matthew Holtzclaw (Fleshbot Friday)
Shelly Watson (Nurse Bettie)
Dandy Wellington (Ella Lounge)
Captain Scorpio (Weird Science)
Sam Perrish (Love Funk)
 Stanqui-Sex Dumas (Pussy Scratchin' Fox Show)
Joe the Shark (Sharkbite Sideshow)
Francine/Minnie D' Moocha (Take back the 80's)
Ruby Solitaire (Excelsior Burlesque)
Beelzababe (Random acts of undress)
Matt Knife (Homo Erectus)
The Goon (Vixens and Vagabonds)
Dottie Dynamo (Bare Necessitease)
Jonny Porkpie (Dead Sexy)
Vada James (Bluth Company Burlesque/ Delacatease)
Corvette La Face (Delacatease)
Brian Newman (Red Room Revue)
Brown Girl Burlesque (Hot and Bothered)
Bonita Boogie (Utterly Urban Burlesque)
Miss Rose (Sexploitation Follies) PA
Lefty Lucy (Enchanted Tiki Room/ Bible show)
Red Hot Annie (Vaudezilla) Chicago
Jo Weldon (Student Showcase)
Francesca Hoffman (End Times Cabaret)
Adam Real Man (Coney Island Film Fest)
Dulce De Luche (NYBF)
Maggie Cee (Femme Show) Boston
Betsy Propane (Bobbie-que) 
Strawberry Fields (Parkside 54)
Velocity Chyaldd (BADASS Burlesque)
Dolly Debutante (Sing it Sista 2)
Darlinda Just Darlinda/ Scary Ben (Bushwick Burlesque)
Lily Von Schtupp (Hollywood BQ Fest) LA
Dottie Lux (Red Hots Burlesque) S.F
Red Velvet (Diva or Die Burlesque) S.F.
Mary Cyn (Bardlesque)
Gin Minsky (NYE at Cercle Rough)

 Every time I step on the stage, my goal is to not only leave the audience happy, but to leave the producers happy with the work I provided them. So, to each and every one of you, thank you for booking me.  A few of you have made me a part of your families and I am eternally grateful. And there are others who I have only worked with once or twice that I really hope I get to work for again.

My apologies if I forgot anyone or misspelled any names.  <3

Also… a quick thank you to Noir-a-gogo for featuring me in your October issue of "Sisters Under the Feathers", and The Whorecast for your wonderful words on your podcast. You guys are the best!

To everyone involved in the Hollywood Burlesque Festival, thank you for having me and choosing me to be you Miss Starlet Burlesque 2013. What a wonderful way to end this already stellar year. 

And to those closest to me, I save you for last because I would write an entire thank you just for you…

Amorra~ My beautiful baby niece. Welcome to the world. 2013 gave me many wonderful gifts. You are certainly the best. My heart explodes with love for you. I hope you can feel it all the way in California. I love you and Ill see you soon. 

Alex~ 2013 was the first year in which we got to spend the entire year together. I can't thank you enough for all the love and support you have given me. Its such a blessing to meet a person who helps to ignite my fire instead of squelch it. This year would not have been the same without you. My life would not be the same without you. I will love you forever.

Dolly~ It's easy to call you a friend because you have always been one. I can tell you anything and I know you would never judge me. You keep me sane when I'm ready to jump off the edge. You always have a kind word and a smile and I am so lucky to have you in my corner. 

Karina~ It's been almost a decade and I still can't quit you. I hope I never do. Even though we live on different sides of the country, we have made this long term, long distance relationship last. lol. Who says it can't be done! You manage to be here when I need you the most and you're always there with a warm welcome when I come home. I love you!

Family~ I know I threw a lot at you this year. Thanks for loving me anyway. <3

Friends~ I love you all and am thankful for every moment we shared this year. xoxo