Thursday, January 10, 2013

My special thanks....

It is now 2013, a year that many people never thought we would see. And now that we are hear, I'd like to take this time, oddly enough, to look back on 2012. :)

I can't begin to explain how grateful I am to everyone who has made my dreams of Burlesque a reality. During the last year, I have not only begun a career in something that I am truly passionate about, but I have also made so many new friends. Its been a long time since I have been this happy and its important to me to say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged my dreams, offered me their friendship, took my photo, or came to a show. This list could go on forever, and it just might. :) So let me break it down and give a quick shout out to all of the producers who gave me an opportunity and hired me for their show in 2012.

Thank you:
Jo Weldon (NYSB)
Bombazeen Bean (Jazz and Burlesque at Toro)
Felicity Jones (Young Naturist America)
Justina Walford (Bare Naked Bake Sale)
Joe The Shark (Sharkbite Sideshow)
Camille Atkinson (Juke Joint Review)
Mark Bokvist (Juke Joint Review)
Dottie Dynamo (Bare Nacesstease)
Shelly Watson (Nurse Bettie)
Doc Wasabassco (Wasabassco Burlesque)
Nasty Canasta (Wasabassco Burlesque)
Captain Scorp'yo (Moons over Scorpio)
Bevin Branlandingham (Rebel Cupcake)
Sean Sullivan (Jazz Soul and Burlesque at Circa Tabac)
Marlena Barker (Gnarly Marley Burlesque)
Lev (Rhymes and Riffs)
Angie Pontani (NYBF)
Tigger! (NYBF Star Search)
World Famous Bob (NYBF Star search)
RunAround Sue (Shakin and Stirren)
Scooter Pie (Shakin and Stirred)
Bambi Galore (Marinara Stardust and Bambi Galore Presents...)
Marinara Stardust (Marinara Stardust and Bambi Galore Presents...)
Peter Aguero (BTK Band)
Steve Peluso (Lewd and Lucky Burlesque)
Brooklyn Babydoll (Cha Cha's at Coney Island)
The Lovely Rae (Bowery Burlesque Pageant)
Bastard Keith  (The Sophisticates)
Madame Rosebud (The Sophisticates)
Gin Minsky (NYE gig)

And I also want to thank a couple of people individually.

Dolly Debutant. We were friends right from the start, after meeting in Darlinda Just Darlinda's flirting with burlesque class. And then seeing you that same night at Calamity Chang's show at Nurse Bettie. But I think I really started to get to know you the night we went to Champagne Riot. Once we attended that first Juke Joint Review, we were goners. I knew I had made a life long friend. It was you who I turned to when I felt insecure or needed a shoulder to cry on. You are always there to to make me laugh or lend me a dress. But most of all, You are always there to provide the snacks.

Alex. Where do I even begin. I think, besides self confidence and a new lease on life, the greatest gift burlesque ever gave me was you. "You're so cool". 

Doc & Nasty. You guys push me to wanna be my very best. Thank you so much for taking a chance one me.

Every person on this list has helped make Poison Ivory a reality. Thank you so much! And to the producers, I truly hope to work with you again. For the producers who have booked me for 2013, I am very much looking forward to working with you. Thank you in advance for this opportunity. I want you to know that I hope to always be a positive addition to any show and I will work hard to give you my very best. That is my true desire for this upcoming year. XOXO


Top Photo: First ever performance at Bowery Poetry Club
Middle Photo: Photographer David Atlas
Bottom Photo: Photographer Chalres Farrah