Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wasabassco 8th Anniversary...

This is a 2 night event that should not be missed. 
I'll be there... you should be too! 

For information of this event and others, please click on the link below. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This weekend...

Hello friends and lovers.

I wanted to do a quick update on shows that I have coming up this weekend. If you are in the NY area and are looking to have a good time, look no further. Below are flyers and links to the shows that I have this weekend. And please stay tuned for updates on more shows and updates on my crazy life. :)

Anyone out there love 90210? How about Halloween? Trivia? What about a late night dance party? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions, then you need to go to Rebel Cupcake Peach Pit Halloween Party. The night will be filled with Burlesque, 
Music, Dancing, Games... and yes. There will be cupcakes. 

Who out there is in to something a little more.... classy? Come out to City Winery anf enjoy a amazing night with dinner and drink, stellar  burlesque performers, hosted by the King Pin of Burlesque himself, Mr Doc Wasabassco. You wont regret it. 
*Drink and dinner not included in price of admission. :)

Alrighty... Thats all I have for now. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And the winner is...

OK. Let me begin this by stating that I am still in shock. I have no idea how I managed to do this, but I may very well be having the best breakout year ever. I have only been burlesque dancing for a few months and I cannot believe all that has happened. I took 2nd place in a Star Search Competition, which has won me my performance spot in this years NEW YORK BURLESQUE FESTIVAL, and now, I have been nominated for the Hottest Freshman Golden Pastie

I can't believe my luck. The amount of gratitude I feel for everyone who has supported me along the way, I can not possibly fully express. 
I hope I win it for all of you. 


Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have all of these feeling slowly brewing inside of me and I don't know what to do with them.

I know I wanted them.
I understand that I was the one who asked for them.
I realize that I was the one who chased them, who begged for them to take root inside of me.

But now what?

These feelings have gotten to a place where I am know longer in control.
I fought so had to nurture them... to keep them safe.. to lock them away.. to smother them.
But now they are ready to leave me. And at this point, I don't know what to do.

Please tell me what to do?

What am I suppose to do?

I don't know what to do.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Star Search...

Hello lovers. I wanted to check in really quick to let you know about something super exciting that is going on in my life these days. As some of you may know, I am currently out of the country living it up in London, as well as making some pit stops in Madrid and Paris. So amazing!!! And I will be updating  my blog with tons of pictures once I return back to the states. 

But there is something else that has happened that has me about to burst at the seams with excitement. Some weeks ago, on a whim, I decided to try my luck and submit to the 10th Annual New York Burlesque Festival's Star Search. As a new performer, I did not think that I would be chosen to perform, but figured... I might have might have a chance for the same exact reason. The top 2 performers will get to perform at the New York Burlesque festival in September which is a huge honor that any burlesques dancer would give her right boobie to perform in.

I had not heard back from the star search representatives and figured that my act had not been accepted. And then I found out... I was wrong. I, along with 12 other burlesque beauties will compete for 2 coveted spots, along with over $400 bucks in cash and prizes. I am so completely honored that I was even considered, let alone chosen to participate. And I have seen the line up. This is not going to be easy, but I absolutely plan to bring my A game and I hope that the judges like what they see.

This could be a huge boost for my burlesque career and I need all the support I can get. :) If any of you are in the New Jersey area, yes... New Jersey, and feel like coming out to see some lovely ladies shake it for a chance to perform at one of the most awesome Burlesque events ever, then feel free to come thru. And if not, a kind word on my Facebook page would be just as appreciated. 

And don't forget to stay tuned for my next few blogs with stories and images from my adventures abroad. Thank you for reading and I love you all. xoxo

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gaining speed...

I keep pinching myself, but can't seem wake up. Maybe it's time to accept the fact that this is my new reality.

From the advice of a trusted friend, I begen to re-read my earlier journal entries in hopes of getting a better understanding of exactly how far I've come. It surprised me that I was ever so sad. When I look at my life today, so filled with hope and excitement, I can no longer relate to the girl who I once was.

I want to thank everyone who continue to run beside me on this path to internal satisfaction. With your love and support, I am beginning to accomplishing things that a year ago... hell, a week ago, never thought possible. So I want to use this post to show you a little bit more of the new me. I hope to still have your love and support after all this. Because the new me... is a little naughty 

I recently had a photo shoot with Andrew Levengood Photography. 
Here are a few of my favorite shots from the session. 

Andrew Levengood was great to work with. He was super professional and worked with me to come up with some fun shots. Check out his blog!   http://www.alp-llc.com/

Next I wanted to talk about some upcoming events. I am happy to say that i have been booked for my very first traveling Burlesque gig. I will be going to Baltimore, MD to perform for a very special persons Milestone Birthday party. I am a surprised gift from his wife. Let me just say that he is a lucky man to be married to such a kick ass wife. ♥ 

I also have a few other shows coming up this week, one in which I am producing. (It's so funny to think that I am producing my very own show, but the opportunity kinda fell into my lap that I could not refuse. Here is the flyer...

Doesn't Poison Ivory Burlesque sound awesome? I am so excited that they contacted me to perform for them. I love a chance to show off my vampy side and I'm also bringing a few sexy ladies along for the ride. Burlesque performances by fresh faces... 

~ Little Motown ~ 
~ Sarah Phim ~ 
~Yours truly... (that's me. lol. Not another dancer) ~

With Kittening by... 
~ Dolly Debutant ~

So if you're into vampires, burlesque, or both... come out to this show! It's a Sunday night, it's a 9pm show so you'll be home in plenty of time for work the next morning, and it FREE!!!

I am very pleased to say that I will also be making another appearance at the next Juke Joint Review. 

This show has been very good to me and I am so honored to be performing with them again. Check them out. They are awesome. http://www.empirebeatsnyc.com/

Alrighty... I am quite positive that I have exhausted the blog with information. I will be sure to post soon with more pics, gigs, updates, and all other things related to my ever evolving life. And please feel free to check out my Facebook. Thanks for reading.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Debut Performance...

Hey there lovelies. I have been meaning to post this for a while now, but you know how life tends to get away from me. Anyhow, here is the video from my Debut Burlesque performance. I am really proud of this number as it took months for me to grow the balls to perform it. But now that I have, performing has become a bit of a drug for me. I have been lucky to have been able to perform so often, so soon into my career, and I am thankful for every person who has supported me along the way. So... 

Also... If any of you are interested, I'm going to try to make it a point to add the flyers of my upcoming shows to this blog. So here is the flyer for the show that I will be kittening tonight. And for those of you who don't know what the kitten is, I call her the Vanna White of a burlesque show. She is the girl who comes on stage and picks up all the removed clothing by the performers and assist the host of the show in any way. Kittening has become one of my favorite gigs. But back to tonights show...

And... I am happy to announce that I have been asked back to perform in the Juke Joint Review #3!!! I had an absolute blast performing with such an amazing band, Empire Beats featuring the kick ass voice of Camille Atkinson. If you were not able to make it out to the last one, then don't miss this one on July 17th. I will be adding the flyer here once its made. 

Lastly... I had a blast at a photo shoot this week. I had my images captured by the very talented Andrew Lavengood of Andrew Lavengood Photography. I can't wait to get the images back and post them here for you. :) Please feel free to check out his blog:  http://www.alp-llc.com/

And don't forget to check me out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Miss.P.Ivory

That's all for now...

Monday, June 25, 2012


I've been planning to write for some time now, but my life has recently gotten away from me... and I don't mean that as a bad thing. I don't know what I did, but the stars must have aligned some who and whichever one is representing me began shining magnificently bright. 

On Saturday, I got dressed... well kinda, and made my way down to the 30th annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. I also decided to bring homer because I happened to have a sailor costume that I purchased for him last Halloween. To say we made a splash is quite the understatement.  

Homer and I wound up in the New York Daily News, They new York Post, Humans of New York's Facebook page, as well as many other blogs and publications all over New York. It was truly an honor for so many people to want to feature an image of us and I could not be more tickled pink. 

This entry in going to be on the shorter side, but I wanted to end this with the article about us in the New York Post:

Just ‘maid’ for a Coney parade

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/just_maid_for_coney_parade_I05mooQDewDn5EtKURBIXP#ixzz1yq3NhzrZ

A Brooklyn beauty struts in Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade yesterday — covered by little more than pasties, panties and a pooch.
Andrea “Poison” Ivy (Ivory... oops :) and her tiny sailor, Homer, were among 4,000 colorful marchers at the 30th annual procession on Surf Avenue. Clear skies and warm temps drew tens of thousands of spectators.
Reigning over the wild festivities were the parade’s honorary Queen Mermaid and King Neptune — Brooklyn-born actress Annabella Sciorra, 52, and comedian Jackie Martling, 64.

New York Post

Just a picture I found

New York Daily News

Humans of New York 
(The caption was... "She likes a manned in uniform")

Pretty freaking amazing. <3

BTW... as most of you know, I have been working hard on building my burlesque career. And I just so happen to be having a show this Tuesday night. If you are in the New York area and want to attend, Take a look at the flyer and also feel free to add me on Facebook. Love you all and thanks so much for reading. :)


Monday, May 14, 2012

28 in retrospect...

The last month has been filled with more ups and downs than I care to recall, but seeing as yesterday was my 29th birthday, I though it only fitting to write a post that reflects on what I have learned.. if anything... and the people who have had a profound effect on my life over the last year. I know that each relationship, good or bad,  has changed me in some way.  I want to say a little something to a few people in particular, and hopefully they will understand how much they mean to me. :)

To my family...

Christopher and Kisa, you two are the lights in my life. I am so proud of the people you have become and I am so honored to be your older sister. Over the past few months, our relationships have grown stronger in ways I never knew possible. Thank you so much for always staying true to yourselves and teaching me what it takes to be a stronger person. I look up to both of you. 

Shawna, you are the best older sister ever. Thank you for always being there for me to talk to and hoping me work through my problems. Even when things did not go my way, you were there to give me good advice, and ultimately put a smile on my face in my darkest times. Thanks for being my lady hero.

To the rest of my family, this year has been one of mending broken relationships and I am so happy that we are all finally on the path to healing. A few of you have taken some major steps to improve the quality in your lives and I am inspired to continue to do the same. I can't wait until we are together again so we can celebrate. Love you all. 

To my friends...

Karina, where do I begin? I knew from day one that you were someone special. You are the type of friend that a person compares all other friends to. How ever did I get so lucky to have you in my life? Being able to spend so much time with you recently has truly been the best gift I could ask for. Thanks for making my birthday so special. 

Terry, I am constantly surprised by your loyalty. Just when I think that I have not made any true friends here in New York, you show up and change everything. No matter what I'm doing, you have always supported me 100%. I have no idea how you do it, but you always show up. Thank you for that. 

Jon, you and I know more than anyone what it means to have a roller coaster relationship. Yet... no matter what, I know that you are always going to be in my life. I owe you so much. You picked me up when I was broken and showed me what it meant to have true swagger. I accredit my slightly thicker skin to you. If you were not in my life, I would have never made it this long. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love feels like. 

To my relationships lost...

It really saddens me to have a section like this in my blog. But If I've learned anything over the last year, it's that you win some and you lose some. Everyone has heard the saying, that if you can count your true friends on one hand, then you are lucky. My birthday wish this year is for my luck to go up. I miss my friends, but loosing them has really made me cherish the ones I have. And maybe, someday soon, these broken relationships can be repaired. 

OK.... enough downer talk. I know it might be hard to grasp based on the above text, but I'm actually in very good spirits and very excited for what this next year has in store. At 29 years of age, a great turning point is ahead of me. And I, for once feel that I am on the right track to great happiness, love, and success. I've already had so many samples and I'm ready to place my order. 

This year is going to be about making those necessary tweaks to insure that my transition into the the next decade comes with great ease. I am thrilled to be performing again, and deep down feel that I have achieved some great childhood dream of moving to New York and becoming a star. I'm not quite there yet, but I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to truly believe that my dream is a possibility. 

Over the next year, I plan to continue to seek internal satisfaction, and to do my best to keep you updated on my journey. I've come a long way and I know I still have so far to go. But I can honestly say, when I stop and take a really good look at my life, that I am blessed. Thank you to everyone who has helped to get me here, no matter what the status of our relationship. I love you, and I always will.  


Just a few pictures from my birthday celebration...

Starting the night off right...
Pizza and Lombardi's

First Burlesque show of the night
SharkBite SideShow @ R.Bar

Quickly followed by first drink of the night
Blue Moon :)

Drink # 2
Some speciality Coney Island Brew. 
Pretty yummy :)

Drink #3 A show of Jameson
Accompanied my the host of the night,
Coney Island's own... Adam "The first real man"

At the 2nd show of the night...
That's Incredible Burlesque @
Bowery Poetry Club

Drink #4 & #5... Not sure which is which. 
The lovely PBR and whisky shot combo.
Reminds me of a tale, long long ago, in the small
town of Williamsburg... 

Drink #6 with some crazy black guy.
Just kidding... thats my buddy. :)
Another PBR and Whisky shot combo... shared :)

Happy drunk girl and her bestie getting ready to call it a night
Hi Karina. (She is awesome. See paragraph above) <3

And this final pic was taken on the actually day of my 29th b-day.
The best birthday party a girl could ever ask for. Hanging out,
eating pizza, drinking wine (Yes its the cheap stuff and we drank it all),
watching A Goofy Movie, and surrounded by love. Winning!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pushing forward...

Hey guys, this post will be on the shorter side, but I wanted to update you on the last 30 days of my workout plan. As you know, I started doing the Hop Hop abs work-out videos, and I am happy to say that I completed the 30 days. I am pretty satisfied with the results I experience and wanted to give you a final update before I move on to telling you about my next work-out assignment. 

With Hip Hop abs, I found that it is a great work out for beginners. It's fast paces and full of fun and energetic moves that make it feel like you are not even working out. But, like any workout plan I have tried, I found myself getting bored with the repetitive videos. But, in order to give you guys an valid review, I made sure to stick with it. 

For the first 2 weeks, you rotate between the Fat Burning Cardio and Ab sculpt videos. However, in the 2nd week, you are doing 2 videos most days. In the 3rd week, you add in both the Total Body Burn and the Hips, Buns, and Thighs videos, still doing 2 videos most days. And in the 4th week, you are rotating through all 4 videos. Needless to say, with a plan that required you to work out 6 days a week, I was very excited whenever I got to add a new video into the mix. 

In 30 days, I lost about 6 pounds. Although I am pretty positive that I lost more fat and gained lean muscle. I built up my endurance levels and am very happy with the amount of inches I lost. 

                                   Day 1             Day 30           Difference
Bust                       35"                33.5"              -1.5"
    Belly Button          34"                29.25"            -4.75"
      Waist                     28"                25.75"            -2.25"
       Hips                      38.5"              35"                 -3.5"
         Right Thigh          23.75"            21.25"            -2.5"
             Left Thigh            23.5"              21"                 -2.5"
               Right Arm            11.75"            10.5"              -1.25"  
            Left Arm              11.25"            10.25"            -1"

Total inches lost = 19.25" 

I obviously did not take the best before and after shots, but here are the photos from day 1 and day 30. Hopefully you see a difference because I can. Especially in my face :) For my next photo, Ill try to remember to wear the same outfit. 


DAY 30

So now It's time to push forward and tell you about the new workout plan I have started. I am currently on day 3 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. This workout plan requires you to work out EVERY DAY for 30 days and claims that, with a healthy diet, you can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days.  But the thing is... the work out are only 20 minutes long, which is great for my busy lifestyle. 

Now I realize that I am not trying to lose 20 additional pounds. Since I started my weight loss journey, I am down 12 pounds and just about to reach my goal of being back into the 130s. Last week, Easter weekend, was a bit of a set back for me, but nothing I cant handle. And I am positive that I will be in the 130's by the time I leave for London in 3 weeks. But I have a new goal. Since I feel so good, I am going to try to continue this until I am 127. That is, for some reason, my absolute dream weight. And I plan to hit it by my 29th birthday on May 13th. Meaning, that I still have to work my butt off, even while on vacation. 

So... over the next 30 days, I will continue to update my measurements and photos every week so you guys can see my progress. And I will also try to add some more recipes in the near future. I am planning to go hard and be diligent about my diet and exercise because I would love to give myself the best birthday gift ever. A body that I can be proud of. It is amazing how much my confidence has boosted over the last month and I can only imagine what it will be like in another month. So please wish me luck!

Also... I have a burlesque style photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow. 
I will be sure to upload a few of the photos on this blog. But in the mean time, feel free to add me on 
Facebook~ http://facebook.com/Miss.P.Ivory or follow me on 
for new pics and any updates on performances.

Until next time... 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Passing the plateau...

I first want to apologize for this post being a few days late. I have been unbelievably busy making my creative dreams a reality. I'll get to more on that in a moment. But for now, I want to update you on my weigh loss progress from the last week. 

I am happy to say that I currently weigh in a 143.1. That's a 2.6 pound loss from last week and I am not complaining. I am so close to being in the 130s, I can almost taste it. That number represents so much to me. I know that I am getting healthier, but working through all of the normal pitfalls is more amazing than anything.  Every time I would try, I would hit a speed bump, and quit. This time, the speed bumps are still there, but I am still moving forward. I get emotional just thinking about it. 

This has been a 15 year long battle for me, being unhappy with my body. And I was so sick of wishing that something would about it. Making deal with God that if I woke up one morning with the perfect body, like magic, then I swear I'd maintain it. Never realizing that God had given me the perfect body all along, and that it was up to me to do the rest. So now I am putting in the work, and I feel amazing. Completely sore, but still amazing.  

As far as my diet goes, I mentioned before that I am off of the no carb diet. And I am thankful, :) but I am still eating very healthy. Truth be bold, when I head to the market for my weekly shopping, I find it very hard to now to purchase food times that I know are bad for me. I was only successfully able to add whole grain wheat break and oatmeal to my diet without feeling guilty. I know that its working for me though because I have found that I have a lot more energy without having to eat so much.

Here are a few of my favorites from the past week. 

Mango, Pineapple, Strawberries, Blackberries, Banana.
(You can add any fruit your heart desires)

Anyone who knows me understands my love for fresh 
fruit salads. I have the privilege of going to Colombia last 
year on vacation and we would have a fresh fruit salad every 
day. Its perfect for breakfast, snacks, sides, or desserts. 

Regular oatmeal with fresh fruit.

I love this. I have started eating it almost every morning. 
And its another perfect item to combing with your fruit
salad. I suggest making a huge amount. It wont go bad.

Pan Grilled Chicken and sauteed spinach.

Remember that Chicken/Spinach Salad from another post? 
Well I wanted to do another take on the same ingredients. 
I decided to use the apple vinaigrette that I made for the salad, 
and sauté the spinach with it. I'm telling you... A-MA-ZING! 
I swapped the avocado out for Watermelon. Which is My 
favorite for the the warming weather. 

Ok.. Enough about food, lets get to some measurements. 
                           DAY 1         DAY 22             DIFFERENCE
Bust                    35"               34"                     -1"
Waist                  28"               26.5"                  -1.5"
Belly Button       34"               30"                     -4"
Hips                   38.5"            35.5"                   -3"
R. Thigh            23.75"           22"                     -1.75"
L. Thigh            23.5"             21.5"                  -2"
R. Arm              11.75"           10.75"                -1"
L. Arm              11.25"           10.5"                  -.75"

That's a total of 15 inches in 3 weeks of working out 6 says a week and eating well. Not too shabby. Here is my weekly photo update so those of you with visual minds can see my process.  

***Quick update on my Supplement***
Used it 4 times now. Works wonders. Energy for days. I could not be happier.  

And last but not least; at the beginning of this post I told you about making my creative dreams a reality. To elaborate on that, I have been a dancer on and off for the last 13 years. I know... shocker, a dancer with weight problems. lol. But to be honest, my weight was always something i have self conscious about and that definitely affected my dancing. Now that I am older, and much more confidant in myself and my body, I decided to start dancing again, but with a little less on. lol

I recently got into Burlesque dancing. I love it because it celebrates the female form and a woman's strength without objectifying them. I have found it to be a celebration of all the things I am learning to love about myself and I feel so empowered doing it. I recently had my first audition and I am happy to say that I have booked my first performance. I will put the details up soon. Also, I am going to be kittening a Burlesque show on Wednesday April 4th at 9pm at the Smyth Hotel in Manhattan. Come and support if you can. :)

I know this has been a long post. But thank you for reading. :)
*Miss Poison Ivory*

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I wanted to post about a change in my workout/diet. I mentioned at the beginning of this journey that I wanted to loose weight without the help of supplements. And up until yesterday, that was my absolute plan. I figured that, with the right diet and plenty of exercise, I would not need it. However, after a phone conversation with my trainer, who happens to be my brother, my opinions changed.  

He asked me how my work-outs were going, and not wanting to lie to him, I told him that I was struggling. I no longer had the same motivation that I had at the beginning of this process and I knew that my workouts were losing intensity. At this point, he recommended that I add a pre-workout supplement into the mix. I was hesitant, but after 2 weeks with really no results, I was beginning to feel like I was in over my head. I honestly no longer had the energy to work out properly. 

My bother assured me that, with the help of a good pre-workout supplement, I would be able to make it over this hump in my training. So I headed down to the local GNC store, and with the help of the employees, and a few phone calls to my brother, I landed on the Jack 3d Pre-Exercise Supplement.

Now.. I was a little intimidated by this product. Was I gonna get super buff like a dude? Was I going to pass out from my heart beating too fast? was it not going to work at all? I was not sure. On the label it says,under the BLACK BOX WARNING:

This product may produce an intense sensation of
focus, energy, & awareness. In addition, its key 
ingredients may allow for workout domination in
conjunction with proper training and diet. Use
with caution under strict dosing protocols. 

So... I would up not taking it the day I got it. I decided to wait until today when my mind was clear and I was ready for it. And let me just say... I don't think I have ever had a better workout. I don't know if any of you have seen that movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, but I honestly felt like I was on that. I never felt jittery, but I did feel like I had the energy and strength to boost my workout up a few notches. I was able to double my work out time, and push myself farther than I thought possible. I have to admit, I'm sold. 

Now... I am in no way telling anyone that they should use supplements or am I endorsing this product in any way. I just wanted to let the readers (and I know I have at least 1 dedicated reader  ♥) what I was doing and I wanted to be honest about it.  I do feel that this was the boost I needed to get me to where I want to go. 

I will continue to update any and all changes to my work-out routine and if you have any questions about products, diet, or my work out plan, please let me know.  And I want to end this with a quick shout out to my friends and family who are supporting me on my journey to internal satisfaction. Love you guys!

Me and my Trainer/ Baby Brother/ Hero