Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taking things to the next level...

As per usual, I have not posted in a while. But to be fair, even as a child, I would go months without writing in my diaries, so I should not expect much different now. Although, since I have a tiny audience, and I do mean tiny, I should try to be less sporadic with my post. It's something I'll definitely try to work on. 

Ok... not that I've got my standard apology out of the way, I suppose its time to update you on whats been going on with me. First things first... I am writing this blog on my brand new Macbook Air. Yay!!! As some of you remember, some time ago, my first Mac died. It was terribly tragic and I don't  care to go into much more detail about the matter because I'm not in the mood to get chocked up. :) But I am so very happy that after so much time, and being forced to use a PC, eek, I finally have my fingers on a new Mac Keyboard. **Insert dramatic sigh of relief here**

In other news, my burlesque career is bringing me more joy that I could possibly imagine. I am still a part of the wonderful company providing risqué entertainment, Wasabassco. Being a part of this troupe has pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, that I literally have extreme bouts of anxiety just thinking about sharing the stage with some of the members. But with that comes such growth. I attribute a lot of my current successes with this company and I can't thank them enough for pushing me to go above and beyond. 

Some great opportunities that have some come up recently involves a lot of travel. I am happy to say that I am moving out of the local scene into regional. I have been lucky enough to perform in neighboring states including; Philadelphia, Maryland,  and New Jersey. And I'm very proud that I get to add Massachusetts and Chicago onto that list very soon! I cant believe that I get to perform in Red Hot Annie's Vaudezilla!!!! If you are in the Chicago area, check it out! 

I'll be sure to post more shows on here in the future. But in the meantime, please check out my Facebook Page, or website for my performance schedule! I recently applied for the Hollywood Burlesque festival, so if I am accepted, I will be heading home this December with the chance to finally perform for all of my California friends and Family. With burlesque being such a huge part of my life now, this is something that I cant wait to share with all of the people who mean the most to me. I have been very open about what I do, and I really would love for my loved ones to see me in action, Live!  Please wish me luck.

I am currently reaching out to experience performers from across the states in hopes to fine a mentor. I am so happy that I have to opportunity this week to spend time with the beautiful and talented, Sydni Deveraux,, as she is in town with Wasabassco. If you have the opportunity to check her out, I highly recommend it. She is an amazingly fantastic Golden Glamazon and you will love her. Trust me. :) 

What else?? Oh yes... new tattoo! I finally met the wonderful artist, Rich Bustamante of Leatherneck Tattoos. Together, he and I have started to create something beautiful on my back. Pictures to come soon!

Oh.. and I finally started putting my press stuff together. Look what I already created for a few of my acts to help me get booked! I have learned from some of the great word travelers of burlesque, that a professional looking CV that showcases your personal style is the best way to go. They were not kidding, because these little babies helped me book my first gig in Chicago! 

OK. Its time for me to bring this post to a close. I have dinner waiting for me. Oh.. and for those of you who are curious. I was vegan for 3 months. I loved it, but it did get a little hard. Currently I am a happy vegetarian. And I don't feel bad about it at all. I started this because I wanted to be a more conscientious eater, which I certainly am now. And I try to make the best choices for what I put into my body, which is all I can ask for. And who knows... I might go vegan again very soon, because I do lot like the tummy cramps I get for eating diary. But I'll keep you posted.