Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gaining speed...

I keep pinching myself, but can't seem wake up. Maybe it's time to accept the fact that this is my new reality.

From the advice of a trusted friend, I begen to re-read my earlier journal entries in hopes of getting a better understanding of exactly how far I've come. It surprised me that I was ever so sad. When I look at my life today, so filled with hope and excitement, I can no longer relate to the girl who I once was.

I want to thank everyone who continue to run beside me on this path to internal satisfaction. With your love and support, I am beginning to accomplishing things that a year ago... hell, a week ago, never thought possible. So I want to use this post to show you a little bit more of the new me. I hope to still have your love and support after all this. Because the new me... is a little naughty 

I recently had a photo shoot with Andrew Levengood Photography. 
Here are a few of my favorite shots from the session. 

Andrew Levengood was great to work with. He was super professional and worked with me to come up with some fun shots. Check out his blog!

Next I wanted to talk about some upcoming events. I am happy to say that i have been booked for my very first traveling Burlesque gig. I will be going to Baltimore, MD to perform for a very special persons Milestone Birthday party. I am a surprised gift from his wife. Let me just say that he is a lucky man to be married to such a kick ass wife. ♥ 

I also have a few other shows coming up this week, one in which I am producing. (It's so funny to think that I am producing my very own show, but the opportunity kinda fell into my lap that I could not refuse. Here is the flyer...

Doesn't Poison Ivory Burlesque sound awesome? I am so excited that they contacted me to perform for them. I love a chance to show off my vampy side and I'm also bringing a few sexy ladies along for the ride. Burlesque performances by fresh faces... 

~ Little Motown ~ 
~ Sarah Phim ~ 
~Yours truly... (that's me. lol. Not another dancer) ~

With Kittening by... 
~ Dolly Debutant ~

So if you're into vampires, burlesque, or both... come out to this show! It's a Sunday night, it's a 9pm show so you'll be home in plenty of time for work the next morning, and it FREE!!!

I am very pleased to say that I will also be making another appearance at the next Juke Joint Review. 

This show has been very good to me and I am so honored to be performing with them again. Check them out. They are awesome.

Alrighty... I am quite positive that I have exhausted the blog with information. I will be sure to post soon with more pics, gigs, updates, and all other things related to my ever evolving life. And please feel free to check out my Facebook. Thanks for reading.