Saturday, October 1, 2011

May I have some of your granny's cornbread...?

Everything is beautiful. That perfect combination of everything I never knew I wanted.
I feel a rush. My blood is pumping through my body in a way that I...
My heart just burst. The music tonight was the soundtrack to my soul.
I am shy to ask this, but... may I kiss you?

I occasionally glanced your direction.
I find myself wondering what you're thinking.
Leaning on every word. Your tales are like my own.
This was completely unexpected, but... can I hold your hand?

There is something in the air. A freshness. A feeling of being free.
However, there is a responsibility to the universe to do the right thing.
I will think of you when that familiar tune plays. And who knows? All I know...
Is I'm no longer unrequited, so... would you mind if I touched you?

                                                           ... and maybe love you. A little?

you inspire me. i'm putting my faith in fate.
most affectionately yours <3

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