Thursday, March 17, 2011

I think we should talk...

I have recently been spending a lot of time talking with my friends about the art of communication. Specifically, the differences between how a man and woman communicate with each other. There is no denying that guys and girls have their own language. There are even books written to help one sex understand the other. But in reality, who the hell reads those books? Well... I do, but I'm pretty positive that I have not dated a single guy who has read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

So is it possible for 2 people of the opposite sex to communicate effectively? I think it is, but it seems to be a rare occurrence this day and age. Or maybe its just me, because God knows that I tend to talk too much. Read for yourself in this edition of...

An actual text message conversation between a girl and a boy.

Boy- It was good to see you...
Girl- Yeah, it was good to see you too. 
Boy- What's your work schedule like this week?
Girl- I work tomorrow and Friday.
No response from Boy.

2 hours later...

Girl- That was the fastest 3 miles I have ever run. I guess I had a lot of pent up energy ;)
Boy- Ha!
Girl- Hope work is going well.
Boy- Going for sure
Girl- I have to leave for work around the same time you will be getting off. I will surely be thinking about you when I wake up. Today has given me a lot to think about. 
Boy- Such as?
Girl- Not really sure yet. Right now its just a jumbled mess of thoughts. But I will git back to you once I figure it out. 
Boy- Okay...
Girl- No worries though.  For the most part, its good thoughts. 
No response from Boy.

2 days later...

Girl- I told you the other day that spending time with you gave me a lot to think about. I have really been looking inside myself to find the answers that I have been seeking. And I have come to the conclusion that I am a lover. Plain and simple. I have a lot of love to give and I am not interested in the games associated with expressing it. Games are for children, and I have not been a child for a long time. 

I want happiness, and honestly, I feel very close to getting it. And I can assure you that it will come without games. It will be simple and honest. There will be no misunderstandings. You helped me see that I was going about it all wrong. I thought that keeping it simple meant having something with no strings attached. But its about being honest, no matter how hard it is to do. 

I am looking for something more than sex. I realize that it may take me a while to find it. But that does not mean that I will close myself off. I am a lover, and not expressing that would be a sin. 

No response from Boy. Go figure.

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