Monday, March 21, 2011

Missed Connections...

Have you ever taken a glance at a Craigslist "Missed Connections" Ad? They can be quite entertaining. First of all, you have to be 18 and older to even view the post, so that means that it is full of juicy tidbits not suitable for a younger audience. I happen to be looking through them today, for research obviously...

Anyway, lets just say that I came across a few post that I felt dignified the title of "Love Letter" rather than Booty call.

I am a firm believer in the concept of love at first sight. And although some may feel otherwise, I know that there are times when you just know. But sometimes, your head gets in the way and you decide, for whatever reason, to allow that moment to pass. Sometimes that lost connection turns into a moment of regret. And if you feel desperate enough to try and find that person using a Craigslist wanted ad, then you too are a believer. Good luck on your quest.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Missing you while still here
 i am missing you already and i see you daily. 
How am i going to get through this without you. 
i can not imagine one day without you here with me. 
I am scared.

 I know, I know. 
But, as you said, "I'm feelin' it."
 Now, what to do with my day off...

Shanghai Mermaid
 Was nervous and hesitated as you left -
 I should have asked for your number. 
I could have least shown you a good time while you are visiting!
I don't know how, but I hope to see you...

Its not very often…
 ". . .that something special happens."
Sweet dreams to you tonight and always. 
I miss you

 introduced us.
Curiosity sustained verbose visits,
me to him, him to me.
 Candor prevailed -- thrived and

fiercely protected by virtual curtains of
mutually incorrigible fervent words.
 Sudden surges of unequivocally soft
admiration teetered on an ether tightrope
of timid admissions, propelled by
unharnessed inclinations . . .

Chaste choreography,
never rehearsed, yet somehow superb --
unleashed daily performances of
overwhelming synchronicity.
 Two strangers mysteriously destined to
slow dance under a full moon --
never touching yet connected,
cheek to cheek, heart to heart, soul to soul.

Until one day.
 Now it seems like only
borrowed time during a year or so of sweet dreams,
once upon a time.

Every once in a while, fate steps in and gives the person exactly who they are looking for. Here are a few that actually got replies...

Original post
Happy Birthday Matt! I hope you enjoy being the dirrrty thirty
 (which you can be with me anyday. Even though you're not Asian).
 All the best.

Question... Does your name start with a C? If so you called the right number but didn't leave a number for you to call back and I never heard from you again. If it is you, then please call my number again. It was my brother's voice you heard on the answering machine. You keep calling me Matt, but that isn't my real name. I told you what it was. I don't care if you call me Matt anymore, at least for now. I would just like to get the chance to see you again and hopefully we can correct the name and get my name stuck in your head. It was the right number, though.

Original post
into life
On waves of electrical sound
And flashing lights
She came.
 Into my life with the twist of a dial.
A wave of her hand
The warmth of her smile -
 And even though I know that you
And I
Could never find the kind of love
We wanted
I find myself missing you
And I
And I

It's not very often that something special happens...


and i you.

special things don't happen often -
 but on a day like today, everything is special. 
better make it happen while you can.

And here are a few, that I found to be... just sweet. :)

Colorful tights
Nikes and colorful tights. 
I was in black jeans and a red hat. 
I got off at the Morgan stop.
I smiled at you. You are a gorgeous person.
Just want you to know I had admired your beauty.
Sincerely, (He actually signed his name.)

Food Emporium
You were shopping tonight with your earbuds in. 
And we checked out at the same time. God, 
I wanted to throw you over my shoulder and take you home. 
What were you listening to?

Starbucks on Lexington Ave, 53rd Street around 2:30 pm.
 I was sitting at at bench facing the window. 
You passed by and we met eyes. 
You came in and sat at the table behind me. 
As you were leaving you smiled at me.

Yes. I should have chased after you, 
and regretted not doing so.

You were blond and very attractive.

If luck has it that you find this, 

let me know. 
We can get coffee again, 
this time together!

Love letters come in all forms.
Never forget to seek them out. 

love always,
me xoxoxo


  1. Ah! I hate that the possibility of rejection keeps us from acting. Reminds me of that scene in "My Best Friend's Wedding" when Jules and Mike are on the boat and she has that moment to tell him she loves him and it just passes by. So sad!

  2. I love that scene. It is one of my favorite parts about that movie. :)