Tuesday, March 13, 2012


       As mentioned in my previous post, I have changed the direction of my blog for a while to focus on reaching external satisfaction. Meaning, I will be focusing on hitting a weight loss goal that has seemed to elude me for the last decade. I'm happy to say that things have been going pretty well and I wanted to give an update on my progress thus far. I have been doing the Beach Body work-out program "Hip Hop Abs". 

I chose to do this one because...
      1. I had it already
      2. It seemed low impact (No/Low Carb diet produces less energy)
      3. It seemed fun. 

I am currently on day 5 and so far it's going well. I felt a slight lack of energy in the first few days, but now my energy level is beginning to pick up. The 3rd day of my work-out left me feeling really lean. I almost did not recognize myself in the mirror. Today, however, I am feeling a little more bloated, but I will be updating my measurements on Fridays, so we will know then exactly how much progress I've made. 

My weekly weigh in is tomorrow, and I will be sure to also post whether or not I hit my goal of losing 3 pounds this week. I did meet my goal last week primarily as a result of my diet, which brings me to my main reason behind this post. I wanted to  post a few pictures to highlight my diet and some of my favorite meals. Please keep in mind that I am not a nutritionist, chef, or food stylist. I am just letting you know what I have been eating and how it is working out for me. 

As of May 1st, I have been on a No/Low Carb diet. I am allowed to have the following foods:

Cheese (Although I am Lactose intolerant, so that limits me a bit more)
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. (Thank God)

Here are a few of the meals I came up with. 
(Not all of these meals were made the same day) 

Hearty Breakfast. 
Usually I just have fruit, but I had a long day ahead 
of me and wanted  a filling breakfast. 
 2 egg scramble w/ vegetables
Peppers, onions, mushrooms, and seasoned to taste. 
Grapefruit and 2 pieces of turkey bacon on the side. 

Lunch option
I loved this meal. I really cant get enough avocado. 
Sometimes I eat a 1/2 avocado as a snack. 
Grilled Chicken and Spinach Salad w/ Avocado
Dressing was made with 2 tbsp Apple cider vinegar,
2 tbsp olive oil, diced apple, onion, and a bit of mustard.

Dinner Time
Any time you can add in more greens, the better. It's amazing the 
different ways to prepare the same thing and get a new result. 
Grilled Tilapia w/ stemmed Spinach and fresh pineapple
Kept it simple with the flavors. Only Salt and pepper 
to taste and the pineapple was the perfect side. 

Snack Attack
Again, I usually eat fruit for a snack, but on 
this day, I really wanted a high protein treat. 
Deviled Eggs with a crisp side of turkey bacon
Made with finely diced vegetables. Also, I really miss 
crispy foods. Thats why I made the bacon. :)

The Best Dessert 
I would be lost without Jello. I have such a 
sweet tooth and besides fresh fruit, this is all I get. 
Sugar Free Strawberry Jello w/ Fresh Strawberries
The whole bowl is only 40 cal w/o fruit. 
You can also add homemade whipped cream. 

So that's a look into what I have been eating. I hope it helps. Like I said, I am not a professional in any way. Just a regular girl trying to lose weight the old fashioned way. I will be sure to update more meal photos next week. And please stay tuned for progress photos and more updates on my weight loss :)

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